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Zhengzhou Halnn superhard materials Co., Ltd. adhere to the "science and technology leading progress,cooperation to create value" as the core technology research and development strategy, "New materials,New technologies,New processes" and "Production, Science and Research" for the two three-pronged the main line, with thick superhard materials industry reserve accumulation and a strong team of scientific research and technology as the basis,"not seeking large and seeking high-precision special" initial business philosophy as a guide. Halnn Tools focus on the brittle hard material and heat-resistant wear-resistant materials and other difficult cutting,grinding and other difficult processing problems to develop cutting tools and also focus on the formation reputation.


Halnn superhard pay close attention to market demand and industry technology trends at home and abroad,and continue to introduce advanced technology, information, equipment and personnel,combined with their own advantages, unity and progress,innovation,the company adheres to a long-term independent research and development.So far, Halnn superhard has more than 30 patents.


Halnn superhard focusing on innovative,efficient and collaborative business philosophy and strategic research,attaches great importance to the joint research with other universities and research institutions.Zhengzhou Halnn superhard materials Co., Ltd. and a number of universities and research institutes carry out academic exchanges, and establish a long-term,close relations of cooperation.

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Meanwhile,the company has continuously increased investment in science and technology introduction research projects,in order to accelerate the development and mass production of high-tech products for the "Halnn superhard" to build a world-class brands, providing a solid financial security.

close relations of cooperation.

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