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 Hard turning hardened steel industry

There are so many different kinds of hardened steel, and for different workpieces,the manufacturers only choose the suitable cutting tools, they can improve processing efficiency. HALNN developed different grade CBN inserts aiming to different hardened steel, specific models as the following table:


Part 1 Halnn superhard CBN inserts hard turning hardened steel gear wheel application Case

①Continuous turning conditions:Select HALNN superhard BN-H10 and BN-H11 grade CBN inserts, high-speed cutting, good wear-resistance and fracture damage resistance, mainly used in the finishing processing, application case as follows:


②interrupt turning:Select HALNN superhard BN-H20 and BN-H21, it not only has high hardness, good wear resistance,And it has good crash damage resistance, Machining gear end face  with hole is not burst broadsword, the application case  follows :


③Heavy interrupt turning:Cutting edge interrupted turning contact with the workpiece, such as the processing gear wheel end surface,hardness is so high to difficult to process, HALNN BN-S20 belong to the non-metal adhesive cutting tools, it not only has high hardness, wear resistance and impact resistance, and also interrupt turning the workpiece is not burst broadsword, cutting depth can be adjusted cutting parameters according to the rigidity of the cutting tool, Processing results as shown below:


Part 2 Halnn superhard cutting tool hard turning Hardened Steel ball screw Case

Ball screw is a high efficient,high-precision,high-rigidity parts, so it has very high demand in accuracy, strength and wear resistance and other aspects. HALNN superhard developed of non-metallic adhesive superhard  BN-S20 CBN inserts , it not only has high hardness but also good wear resistance, strong impact resistance, not only to improve the processing efficiency but also reduce processing efficiency. Processing case are as follows: 


Part 3 Halnn superhard cutting tool hard turning hardened steel bearing

Bearings are widely used in automotive, aerospace, metallurgical and mining machinery, petrochemical machinery, engineering machinery and other fields, different fields required different bearing performances, the materials used are also different. HALNN developed BN-S200 and BN-H11 aiming to machining different materials, following is a brief HALNN superhard Tool BN-S200and BN-H11 processing bearing case.

①Halnn superhard Tool BN-S200 model number hard turning hardened steel slewing ring supporting bearings case (below): 


②Halnn superhard Tool BN-H11 model number hard turning hardened steel metallurgy bearing (below): 


Part 4 Halnn superhard Hard turning hardened steel synchronizer case

Halnn superhard cutting tools BN-H10 and BN-H20 can hard turning hardened steel synchronizer, Wherein the BN-H10 have good seismic performance, good toughness, it is suitable for accuracy lower machine tools, and BN-H20 model number are suitable for high accuracy machine tools.The following describes what BN-H20 model number hard turning hardened steel synchronizer case as below:


Part 5  In addition to the above spare parts, we can also hard turning hardened steel mold, universal coupling and other spare parts: hard turning hardened steel mold may choose choose BN-S200 model number finish milling mold, hard turning hardened steel universal coupling may choose BN-H10 model number.

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