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 Wear-resistant casting industry solution

  Processing wear-resistant castings, owing to lack of high temperature hardness carbide cutting tools, ceramic blades due to the shock fragility often avalanche crushed, aiming at the problem above, valin superhard launch BN - K1 model number and BN - S20 model number, including BN - K1 model number is mainly used for rough maching of cast iron and finish machining of cast iron; BN - S20 model number is mainly used for rough maching of cast steel and finish machining of cast steel. Specific processing wear-resistant casting solution is as follows:

1.Halnn superhard cubic boron nitride cutting tool BN - K1 model number of solution of processing high chromium cast iron industrial pump parts


High chromium cast iron is the third generation white cast iron,which is developed after an ordinary white cast iron,Ni-hard cast. Current high chromium cast iron is already recognized superior wear-resistant materials, mining, cement, electricity, road construction machinery, refractories and other aspects of the application is very extensive.high chromium cast iron a processing case:use overall PCBN cutting tool turnery Slurry pump impeller outer circle, as the impeller have 5 leaves, so it is interrupted cutting. Halnn superhard CBN cutting tool parameters: vc = 75m / min, ap = 5mm, f = 0.1mm / r. In the process of cutting, the impeller every turn a round to withstand the impact of the 5, blade to withstand shocks than 3,000 times.Cutting results showed: CBN cutting tool did not produce a finished workpiece fractured, a blade is equivalent to 25 ceramic blade, fully demonstrated its thermal shock resistance, not only greatly reduces the cost of the tool, but also the production efficiency improved 5 times.

2.Halnn superhard cubic boron nitride cutting tool BN – S20 model number of solution of processing heat resistant wear resistant steel castings



Workpiece: building materials machinery casting wear-resistant steel parts; Hardness: HRC37-45; Rough turning machining allowance 4 mm;

 Carbide cutting tools cutting parameters: vc = 19m / min, f = 0.25-0.3mm / r.

 Cubic boron nitride cutting tool BN - S20 model number cutting parameters: vc = 65m / min, f = 0.25-0.3mm / r.

 Processing efficiency three times, the original Carbide cutting tools processing 2 pieces; CBN each blade can work 27 pieces. Single piece processing costs reduce 30%.

3.Halnn superhard cubic boron nitride cutting tool BN-S20 model number processing scheme of high manganese steel castings



① Rough machining use CBN overall polycrystalline blade BN - S20, Eating knife deep ap = 2-3.5mm (based on the actual, BN-S20 model number cutting tools eating knife maximum depth can exceed 10mm); Fr=0.25-0.8mm/r;v=85m/min. Cutting tool durability: 3 hours / cutting edge. Obviously BN - S20 model number cutting tool use cost compared to other cutting tools model number has big advantage.

 ②When cubic boron nitride BN-S20 model number cutting tool finishing high manganese steel, ap=0.5-1mm;Fr=0.15mm/r;v=135m/min .From the above rough machining and fine maching of high manganese steel case can be seen, BN - S20 cutting tool model number showed a strong resistance to impact toughness in big margin coarse car, Encounter sand inclusion,feeder head, surface not neat and so on the casting defects, blade will not burst broadsword; In the semi-intensive cars and finish turning, since BN-S20 adopt non-metallic binder,Thermal conductivity and hardness is higher than ordinary CBN cutting tools, the life of the cutting tool longer.
4.Halnn superhard cubic boron nitride cutting tool BN - S20 model number wear-resistant casting solution after processing and repair welding


For machine tool spindle speed did not demand, BN - S20 tool does not need very high cutting speed, 45-130 m/min can be desirable; In processing high hardness surfacing welding layer and repair welding workpiece machining,don't need to modify irregular surface of workpiece grinding, can be directly intermittent cutting surface of potholes. When turning processing after repair welding cast iron spare parts don't need cooling fluid.

5.Halnn superhard kong grinding tools, grinding head and the millstone solution


According to some casting blank,welding for convex point and soldering seam polishing and cutting, with super durability, Diamond grinding head and the millstone are not just hard, sharp, but also do not fall off, not broken, low noise, to ensure occupational safety and employee health.

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