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Energy industry solution

The energy industry include petroleum industry, wind power industry, pump industry and valve industry, etc., in order to make the workpiece,long service life under harsh environment,often choose heat treatment process and welding technology to increase the surface hardness,improving wear resistance. Aiming at the problem of high hardness and machining difficult, Halnn superhard non-metallic adhesive developed cubic boron nitride cutting tool BN-S20 model number and BN - S200 model number, these two kinds of cutting tool model number belongs to integral cubic boron nitride cutting tools, rough and finish machining. Can effectively improve the machining efficiency and reduce processing costs. Specific solution is as follows.

1. Halnn superhard CBN cutting tools BN-S20 processing drilling equipment drill pipe joint in petroleum industry(as below pictured):



As we all known,with the increase of drilling production, oil of earth surface gradually less, more and more of the super deep well appear,due to drill pipe joint withstand severe wear and withstand the erosion wear, lead to wear quicker of drill pipe joint. In order to obtain higher service life,welding or spray welding technology is often used to improve the performance of the drill pipe joint wear-resistant belt,after welding or spray welding drill pipe joint wear-resisting with more difficult to processing.Adopt BN - S20 of HALNN superhard cutting tool,can easily solve the problem of difficult processing.

Halnn superhard cutting tool BN - S20 model number, the nonmetal adhesives cubic boron nitride cutting tool, hardness of HRC98.5 itself, not only high hardness, good wear resistance, and impact resistance is strong, turning depth of 7.5 mm, and the dry cutting, reduce the pollution of the environment.

2. Halnn superhard CBN cutting tools BN-S200 Grade processing wind power industrial bearing case:






Processing Materials: 42CrMo; 
Hardness: HRC47-55;
Processing parts: Wind power bearing;
Processing procedure: fine machining
Cutting parameters: ap=0.5mm,Fr=0.45mm/r,Vc=110m/min;
Processing type: dry cutting.
Processing effect: Compared to ceramic insert: The cutting speed is higher than the ceramic insert 22%, the cutting tool life is 7 times of the ceramic insert. Not  only the efficiency is improved, but also the processing quality is improved, and the surface finish is reached to Ra0.6-1.0.

3.Halnn superhard cutting tool processing the valve sealing surface of valve industry parts (as below):



Due to valve uses is very wide, phyletic and various, often referred to as a separate industry-the valve industry.

With the development of modern technology, more and more valves working in high temperature, high pressure, high corrosion and high wear resistance of environment.In order to improve the service life of the valve,welding,spray welding technology,is often used to compare a wear-resisting material welding or spray welding on the surface of the valve, in order to obtain high hardness, wear resistance, easy to adapt to its environment. For surfacing welding, after welding of the valve sealing surface,Halnn superhard non-metallic adhesive developed cubic boron nitride cutting tool BN-S20 model number, make the valve sealing surface processing to obtain the very good solve.

Zhengzhou Halnn Superhard Material Co.,Ltd developed non-metallic adhesive cubic boron nitride cutting tool BN - S20 model number, it is a non-metallic (ceramic) as a binder, increased the toughness of the cutter body, high hardness, good wear resistance, and strong impact resistance. Roughing and finishing, dry cutting. It is very suitable for processing iron base, nickel base and cobalt base alloy welding or spray welding valve sealing surface.


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