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CNC lathe processing workpiece how to choose the appropriate cutting tool material?

CNC lathe processing workpiece how to choose the appropriate cutting tool material?
With the continuous development of machinery manufacturing, and raw materials prices gradually rise, leading to manufacturer for products quality and efficiency requirements gradually increase, so gradually the prevalence of CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools can high-speed cutting of the workpiece, and CNC machine tools using a clamping, and the edited program can be repeated processing, save time, rough and finish do not need to replace the machine tools, direct processing is completed. Although CNC machine tools can be high efficiently processing workpiece, but still need a suitable cutting tool material fit it, such as can not high-speed cutting tool materials can also not improve efficiency. So the cutting tool material is one of the necessary conditions for high efficient processing of the workpiece.
When using CNC lathe machining workpiece, cutting tools material have any requirements?
1.Cutting tool material properties feature:
①High hardness, rigidity good and good shock resistance;
②Good stability and reliability;
③Good wear resistance and impact toughness;
④Easy to adjust the dimension of the cutting tool; long cutting tool life, reduced cutting tool change time;
2. Cutting tool material selection:
①High-speed steel cutting tools: mainly used for drills, such as twist drill, etc;
②Carbide cutting tools: used for machining ferrous metal fields workpieces , suitable for workpiece of hardness less HRC45, the highest line speed can reach 350m / min;
③Ceramic cutting tool: suitable for the processing ferrous metals field workpieces, suitable for processing workpiece hardness HRC45-HRC55 ;
④CBN inserts:suitable for the processing ferrous metals field workpieces, suitable for processing workpiece hardness above HRC45;
⑤Diamond cutting tool: suitable for metal materials processing, such as aluminum, copper, etc.,
3. From the cutting process can be divided into: turning processing outside circle, turning processing end face, turning processing inside bore, turning processing threading, turning processing groove.
when CNC lathe processing workpiece, select inserts and turning tools steps?
1. Previously user use the machine folder inserts : Workpiece material (decide to use what cutting tool material)- Hardness-Processing location (end face or outside circle, inside bore)- Process (roughing or finishing)- Select the inserts model number.
2. Previously user use the non-machine folder inserts: Firstly, need to determine CNC turning tools the angle, Arbor and the pros and cons cutting tools to choose the inserts model number.
3. According to selected NC Arbor model number to match NC inserts:
Select the cutting tool material according to the processing workpiece material: Such as the processing ferrous metal workpieces, carbide cutting tools, ceramic cutting tools and cubic boron nitride cutting tools can all processing it, choose what kind of cutting tools material to processing workpiece will also depend on the other conditions of the workpiece, such as hardness, processing processes and other factors.
Such as gray cast iron is CNC lathe machining parts, carbide cutting tools and cubic boron nitride cutting tools are cutting tools material of machining gray cast iron parts, but carbide cutting tools can not be the high-speed cutting, manufacturers of mass production and demand to improve efficiency will choose Halnn superhard cubic boron nitride inserts BN-S30 grades machining gray cast iron parts, not only cutting parameters higher than carbide cutting tool, and the efficiency is 3-5 times of carbide cutting tools.
With prices of raw materials, and difficult to machine materials continue to emerge, in order to get a good benefit, only to change processing procedure and efficiency, while the cutting tool also is the main reason of influence efficiency. With the continuous development of the cutting tool industry, the gradual emergence of high-performance cutting tool - CBN inserts, the efficiency has been significantly improved, and the workpiece quality has been good guarantee. For example Halnn superhard cubic boron nitride inserts BN-K1 grades roughing high hardness cast iron rolls, processing efficiency is 6 times of ceramic cutting tools, and also fine finishing cast iron rolls, roll surface finish can be achieved Ra0.8.

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