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Whats the full name of CBN,why CBN inserts is so expensive

   CBN means Cubic Boron Nitride,CBN inserts is used for machining the hard material ,such as:hard steel above hrc45 hardness(gear ,bearing, ball screw, ) and casting workpiece(auto parts,brake disc,brake drum,roller).

while carbide inserts is used for machining the soft material workpiece.

   CBN inserts has the different use with carbide inserts,so you cant compart them price directly,in addition,the raw material of the CBN inserts was sell by karat,its hardness is just second to diamond.And CBN inserts produce process is so complicated.

So the CBN inserts usually sell with 25- 60 USD per piece. The CBN inserts produce cost is about 20-35USD.

  Of course,some little manufacturer may can offer you the CBN cutting tools with 15USD per piece,but the quality is not very well, and you can see the difference just from your eyes.and they have the different quality when you use that.

   Halnn superhard material co.,ltd. was the country superhard material research institution before,the every produce process is  done strictly.The quality can directly compare to the world famous brand.

   And Halnn has a good service,they have a engineer team just offer the service to every customer.Can offer you the best suggestion when you machining the hard material workpiece.


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