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The Problems and Solutions on hard turning Mill Rolls

 The Problems and Solutions on hard turning Mill Rolls

(1) Cast rolls has Casting defects, high hardness, so what CBN inserts can we choose ?

In current times, we usually use CBN inserts machining cast rolls, the reasons are:
a. Cast rolls has high hardness and also exist casting defects(such as Sand, pores, hard particles)
b. Carbide Alloy Cutting Tools has low hardness, Ceramic inserts are Brittleness and easily chipping. Both of them don’t suit for Turning Mill rolls.
c. CBN inserts has high hardness and excellent wear-resistance, are the most suitable materials for machining non-ferrous metal, especially Halnn superhard researched non-metal adhesive BN-K1 grade CBN inserts,BN-K1 grade CBN Cutting Tools not only break the legend of which CBN inserts only can be used for finishing ,but also   can large allowance rough turning the cast rolls surface.

Solid CBN inserts.jpg

Solid CBN inserts.jpg

(2) Forged Rolls has high hardness and large allowance, what hard turning tools should we choose ?

Forged Rolls mainly are Forged steel rolls/roller, Forged steel rolls/roller include forged steel cold rolls and forged steel hot rolls. And it is required higher on the forged steel cold rolls quality, for example, the mill rolls body need high and average hardness, has a hardened layer depth and has a high ability of anti-accident.

Forged steel rolls hardness usually showed by Shore hardness(HS),and the hardness usually between HS70 and HS80,and turning large scale mill rolls need large allowance machining ,so the machine manufacturers are always look for cutting tools material which can efficiently hard turning forged steel rolls. In 2005,Halnn researched non-metal adhesive BN-S20 Grade CBN inserts which solved the problems of machining large scale forged steel rolls.

Halnn superhard non-metal adhesive BN-S20 grade CBN inserts:
(1) Solid CBN inserts can large allowance forged steel rolls
(2) It has well Impact toughness, it can process directly and will not chipping when machining Mill rolls surface whose allowance is uneven.
(3) BN-S20 grade CBN inserts has more cutting edge and saved Processing cost.
(4) Solid CBN inserts can be used together with the Machine folder indexable holder, it doesn’t need retract the inserts in the process, can change another cutting edge directly, avoid time-wasting of feed again and the appearance of change inserts marks.
(5) And solid CBN inserts can realize turning instead or grinding.

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