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Analyze the problems and solutions of the cutting tools on processing high hardness cast iron

Pro 1 When processing the high hardness cast iron,the welding cutting tools does not move,what should we do ?

A: When processing the high hardness cast iron parts, we usually heard that the workers said the cutting tools can not move, and wear fast, low efficiency. The problems are that the welding cutting tools (carbide insert) itself hardness is not high, Rockwell hardness is about HRC71-76, but the hardness of high hardness cast iron parts are generally above HRC55 after the casting molding directly, and some parts even above the HRC60, welding cutting tools does not move, and it has exceeded the tolerance of welding cutting tools range. The Welding cutting tools processing the casting parts which hardness is below HRC45 will have better performance, When the hardness is above HRC45,we recommend use cubic boron nitride cutting tools.

Pro 2 When processing high hardness cast iron, ceramic tool often chipping, what is the problem?

A: When processing high hardness cast iron parts, some mechanical will choose ceramic tools, the performance of ceramic tool are better than the welding cutting tools , suit for processing workpiece whose hardness is between HRC45-55. For casting parts, we are well known, especially large-scale castings, it often appear sand, pores or surface level of inequality problems, such problems are equivalent to interrupted turning. As we all know, ceramic cutting tools are brittle, anti-fracture is poor, it should avoid interrupted turning condition, so when processing high hardness castings, ceramic tool will often appear collapse, chipping phenomenon. So for the large-scale high-hardness cast iron work pieces,we do not recommend ceramic cutting tools.

Pro 3 Why the processing efficiency not improve when processing high hardness cast iron?

A: The reasons that the processing efficiency not improved when processing high hardness cast iron parts mainly are not choose the suitable cutting tools, a lot of mechanical choose carbide cutting tools, but it can be only used for low-speed cutting, slowly processing,it has low efficiency which will affect the overall processing efficiency. It is recommended to choose cubic boron nitride tool, especially BN-K1, which is a cubic boron nitride tool developed by China Halnn Superhard , and it has excellent performance on processing high-hardness cast iron.

Halnn Superhard , China's first cubic boron nitride cutting tools brand, professional leader of tools on processing hard materials, widely used in high hardness materials, heat treatment of high hardness parts, and other hard-cutting materials in the field of parts. Halnn always provide customers with professional, efficient tool, tool solutions, tool products cover 90 percent of the market of China's high-hardness cutting and high-speed cutting products in the field, has many tool grades which achieve customers’ trust.

Halnn Superhard cubic boron nitride tool BN-K1 grade is designed specially for processing high hardness cast iron, BN-K1 grade cutter body hardness arrive HRC98.5, not only high hardness, wear resistance, and non- Metal (ceramic) as a binder, an increase of cubic boron nitride tool BN-K1 grades toughness, impact resistance, high-speed cutting, large margin cutting high hardness cast iron, not only improve processing efficiency, and reduce processing cost.

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