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Common Problems on processing wear resistant castings and the solutions with CBN insert

1.Wear-resistant castings has high hardness, large processing working allowance, It required high on the wear resistance of the cutting tools, how to correctly select the cutting tool?

In order to ensure that the wear-resistant castings can be used after casting process, it usually leave the appropriate processing margin in the casting process, the wear-resistant castings larger, the processing margin greater. Cutting Tools as one condition of reducing costs and improving efficiency, how to correctly choose the cutting tools which will effective process the wear-resistant castings become an important point.

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The hardness of the wear-resistant castings are very high after casting process, the traditional cutting tools will be rapid wear or chipping easily. CBN insert, as the hardest cutting tools in current processing ferrous metal materials field, is the best cutting tools for processing wear-resistant castings. Halnn Superhard, the leader of the national superhard tool enterprises, researched two grades cbn cutting tools BN-K1 and BN-S20 specific to the wear-resistant castings which can be used for both roughing and finishing. Compared with traditional cutting tools, the processing efficiency improved several times and significantly reduce the total cost. These two grades CBN inserts have been widely used in wear-resistant field.

2.Wear-resistant castings will exist sand, hard spots and other casting defects on the surface, how to choose the cutting tools?

Some of wear-resistant castings will exist sand, hard spots and other casting defects on the surface, but due to large processing margin, it will not affect the normal use, one of the most typical part is the cast iron roll, which bring lots of difficult to process problems in the machining industry. In particular, cutting tools need both abrasion resistance and impact toughness, so we will recommend CBN insert.

CBN Cutting Tools process the castings which exist casting defects, You can choose Halnn Superhard CBN insert. Halnn Superhard is the first to make cubic boron nitride cutting tools and high-grade diamond which used for processing brittle hard materials as research direction. As the Pioneer of China Superhard tool, Halnn adhere to the "High Professional, High Precision, High Speed" the initial business philosophy. More than 10 years of focus, Halnn already become one of the most well-known cbn cutting tools brands in hard material field, and enjoy a high reputation in wear-resistant casting industry.

Halnn recommend BN-K1 to process cast iron rolls and BN-S20 to process cast steel roll/ forged steel roll. The tool life will be 10~20 times of the traditional tool, the processing efficiency substantial improved.

3.Some wear-resistant castings exist hardening problem, how to choose the right tool to effectively solve the problem?

The typical wear-resistant casting of the hardening problem is the crusher of the mortar wall which material is high manganese steel, and the work hardening is serious, so it is necessary to minimize the number of passes to reduce the work hardening problem. Carbide insert need to take a few times to complete the total cutting depth, but every step will be hardened hardening, tool wear will become more serious, frequent change tools will not only affect the efficiency and product surface quality, but also increase the costs. So Halnn will not recommend to use Carbide insert.

Specific for the hardening problems of the crusher wear-resistant castings, Halnn Superhard recommend BN-K1 full CBN insert, which cutting depth will up to 10mm, it can finish with only 1 step when the working allowance is small, greatly improve the production efficiency, and BN-K1 CBN insert have excellent wear-resistance, it will be make sure the long tool life in the high temperature and high cutting depth state.

If you would like to check the application case with cutting parameters on processing wear resistant castings, please click http://www.halnntools.com/jjfa/20.html.

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