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The problems and Halnn CBN inserts solutions on processing mill rolls

1. Casting rolls existing casting defects and have high hardness, what cutting tools should we choose?
In current times, many manufacturers will choose cbn inserts process casting rolls. The reasons as follows:
(1) Casting rolls itself have high hardness, and exist the casting defects (sand, pores, hard points, etc.);
(2) Carbide inserts have low hardness, Ceramic inserts are easily chipping because of its brittleness, so both of them are not suitable for processing casting rolls.
(3) CBN Inserts, due to good high hardness and wear resistance, is the best cutting tools materials on processing ferrous metals. Especially Halnn Superhard developed non-metallic adhesive Solid CBN Inserts BN-K1, not only broke the myth of cbn inserts only can be used for finishing process, and can be used for rough machining the casting rolls.

2. Forged rolls have high hardness, large margin, how can we choose the cutting tools materials?
Forged rolls mainly for forged steel rolls, forged steel rolls can be divided into forged steel chill rolls and forged steel hot roll, forged steel chill roll will required high on the quality, such as rolls body need to have a higher and uniform hardness. And it has a certain depth of hardened layer, and has a high ability to resist accidents.

The hardness of forged steel roll is generally expressed by Shore hardness (HS), the general hardness in HS70-80, and large scale forged steel roll has large margines, the machinery manufacturers have been looking for effective cutting tools which can process forging steel roll. In 2005, Halnn Superhard developed non-metallic adhesive Solid CBN inserts BN-S20, so that large-scale forged steel roll processing can be effectively solved.
Halnn Superhard non-metallic adhesive CBN inserts BN-S20:
(1) Solid CBN inserts, can be used for rough machining forged steel rolls.
(2) Strong impact toughness, it is not easily be chipping when meet the Unequal balance working allowance.
(3) It has many cutting tips, will be more economy;
(4) With the indexable tool holder, it doesn’t need to retreat the insert, can change another tip directly, avoid the time waste and other marks which caused by retreat the insert.
(5) It can replace the rough grinding process.

Halnn has so many manufacturers use this grade solid CBN inserts, please kindly check the application case as the following link: http://www.halnntools.com/jjfa/21.html .If you have any problems, please feel free to contact with us halnntools@gmail.com,skype:cbn_inserts_angels,whatsapp:+8618695866134

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