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Common Problems and Solutions on processing pump parts

1.Most of the pump parts are castings, the working allowance have realation with and the dimension of the pump parts. For example, we will increase the working allowance in the casting process for large scale parts. And we need to notice the hardness and performance of the cutting tools specific for high hardness pump parts.

For this kind of pump parts, Halnn Superhard developed non-metallic adhesive solid CBN Inserts BN-K1which has significant effect. The reasons as follows: Carbide insert and Ceramic insert are not suitable for processing high hardness pump parts, and traditional cbn inserts are easily brittle, it can be used for finishing process ,similar with ceramic inserts.

Halnn Superhard solid CBN inserts use non-metallic (ceramic) as a binder to improve the impact toughness of traditional cbn inserts, which realize large working allowance, and will not be intolerant Grinding and chipping problems. Its processing effect is more than 10 times than the carbide inserts and ceramic inserts. Efficiency has been significantly improved, tool costs have also been significantly reduced.

2. How to choose cutting tools materials when exist casting defects?
According to different performance of the pump parts, it will use different materials, such as large-scale industrial pump, it choose high-chromium cast iron as the main processing materials, and water pump is selected gray cast iron as the main material. The existence of casting defects difficult to process is mainly for high chromium cast iron industrial pumps and other parts. For such parts, it is more suitable for choosing cbn inserts.

High chromium cast iron pump parts are not only difficult to process because of the casting defects, but also add chrome alloy in the casting process which make the workpiece become more wear-resistant, higher hardness. So, this material pump parts will be more difficult to process. As CBN Inserts is the hardest cutting tools materials in the field of processing ferrous metals, so it is the most suitable for processing such pump parts. Especially Halnn Superhard developed non-metallic adhesive Solid CBN inserts BN-K1, when BN-K1machining high chromium cast iron parts, it will not chipping. Compared with other brand cbn inserts, Halnn solid cbn inserts not only improve the tool life, but also has more reasonable price.

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