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Halnn CBN insert rough machining cast iron rolls and hard turning hardened steel rolls

 Halnn CBN insert rough machining cast iron rolls and hard turning hardened steel rolls

Halnn superhard,as a professional Brand Manufacturer of researching and producing CBN Insert,always devote to offering service for manufacturers in automotive,steel,Petroleum, chemicals,machinery ect industry,accumulate lots of successful application case and famous customers.

Mill Rolls as the most important and main wear parts on the rolling mills,manufacturers will often add some metal element in the processing in order to make sure the usage lifetime and obtain the rolls durability,such as Chromium,nickel ect. Mill Rolls can be divided in 3 kinds:cast iron rolls ,cast steel rolls and forged steel rolls depending on the materials.And specific to above three kinds mill rolls,Halnn already researched new materials CBN insert to machining,and has very obvious affect.

Halnn CBN insert machining rolls

Specific to cast iron rolls,it has high hardness,so Halnn recommend to BN-K1 grade CBN insert for roughing and finishing.

BN-K1 belongs to solid CBN insert ,and mainly used in casting and powder metallurgy industry,and can be used for both finishing and roughing. When BN-K1 CBN insert rough machining alloy rolls ,it will has a good chipping resistance and fracture-resistance in a high temperature. Application Case as follows:

Machining Part:Cast iron roll

Machining Materials:High nickel alloy cast iron

Work piece Hardness:HSD 80

Inserts Grade:BN-K1 RNMN200800                                                              

Cutting Type:Dry Cutting

Cutting Parameters:ap=4mm,Fr=1mm/r,Vc=55m/min

Inserts Materials

Feed Rate(mm/r)

Lifetime/cutting edge

Failure Mode

Halnn BN-K1



Normal wear

Ceramic Inserts




Halnn BN-K1 CBN insert roughing cast iron rolls.jpgHalnn BN-K1 CBN insert roughing cast iron rolls

Specific to cast steel rolls and forged steel rolls,the hardness must be more than HSD because of steel materials,it can be used CBN insert.So Halnn recommend to BN-S20 grade CBN insert for finishing and semi-finishing.And the lifetime will be about 20 times of traditional insert,such as carbide cutting tools.

Application Case as follows:

Machining Part:Hardened Steel roll

Machining Materials:Cobalt-nickel alloy powder spray

Workpiece Hardness:HRC 60

Inserts Grade:BN-S20  Cutting Type:Dry Cutting

Cutting Parameters:ap=1.7mm,Fr=0.7~0.8mm/r,Vc=70m/min

Inserts Materials

Linear Speed(m/min)

Cutting Depth

Failure mode

Halnn BN-S20



Normal wear

Carbide alloy Inserts




Halnn BN-S20 CBN insert finishing steel rolls

Halnn BN-K1 and BN-S20 CBN insert has already been researched in 2003 and 2005,and also used in mill rolls industry.More than 10 years,Halnn CBN insert already well-known by most manufacturers in China,because Halnn already help many customers solve their problems, improve the processing efficiency and lower the producing cost. Halnn begin to develop the foreign market and also has confidence to help more foreign mill rolls manufacturers solve their problems and let Halnn walk out the world.

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