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The world leading Halnn CBN insert for interrupted turning


 The world leading Halnn CBN insert for interrupted turning

In current times ,the insert which can be used for interrupted turning condition already be mature. But ,the products in the market also has huge change. Halnn cbn insert combined The non-metal materials with the adhesive ,realized the cutting technology and dry cutting.  

Superhard cutting tools just develop nearly 10 years, at the beginning ,the performance can not researched ,and as the continuous researching and practices ,Halnn researched new cbn insert materials to satisfy the manufactures. And no matter the semi-interrupted turning or heavy interrupted turning condition ,Halnn both solved the problems, and realized CBN insert use for large working allowance and interrupted turning .  

Application Case: Interrupted turning Gear

Machining PartGears

Machining Materials:Gear Steel                                    


Inserts Grade:BN-S20 SNGN120712                                         


Cutting Parameters:ap=2.5mm,Fr=0.12mm/r,Vc=90m/min

Inserts Materials

Linear Speed(m/min)

Lifetime/cutting dege

Failure mode

Halnn BN-S20



Normal wear

Ceramic Inserts






Halnn superhard , as the world leading CBN insert manufacturers for interrupted turning ,we made many efforts on interrupted turning.

1.Actively respond to challenges

When processing the work piece, we can not easily find the corresponding mill lathe for some large scale interrupted work piece, we can only use common lathe. For example ,some large scale after heat treatment, it has large deformation ,we need make sure the precision and dimension requirements. Because of the high hardness and large amount heat in cutting process. We need required high on the impact toughness ,fracture resistance and High temperature red hardness. Especially Halnn researched BN-S20 new grade non-metal adhesive cbn insert meet heavy interrupted turning process, it not onlycan improve the processing efficiency, and will not appear chipping phenomenon and can reach the requirement of the drawings.


2.Interrupted turning work piece with multi cutting edge

Halnn superhard researched non-metal adhesive Bn-H20 CBN insert will suit for semi-interrupted turning condition.The insert grade include Triangle type(TNGA Series),V Type(35°rhombic VNGA Series) ,C type(80°rhombic VNGA Series) W type(WNGA Series) Both side of the insert can be used, so it will be more economic with more cutting edge.

Halnn superhard always devote to new cbn insert materials to satisfy the requirements. And it always be the world leading position in cbn insert industry.

Welded CBN insert.png

3.Correctly select the machining tool

There are so many factors affecting the turning ,such as the materials ,dimension tolerance ,surface quality,fixture ect. So we need to choose the suitable insert to improve the processing efficiency and make sure produce the best product with the lowest cost.  

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