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Analyze the cutting tools to realize high efficiency process

In recently years, with the development of the machinist industry and cutting tools industry ,high efficiency process get more attention, not only because its high efficiency ,but also because its high quality ,low costs.

High efficiency process is that improve the processing efficiency and reduce the costs through improving the machining process and reduce the time of cutting materials under the premise of the high precision and quality of the work piece.

High efficiency Process include CNC Lathe Machining ,Processing Cutting Tools and Process Technology, the cutting tools as the tools which direct contact the work piece and cut the deformation to make the work piece suit for the requirements. So the cutting tools are the most important tool in high efficiency process.

Cutting Tools will have seriously wear phenomenon because of heavy load. So choose the suitable cutting tools become the key point to improve the processing level. Halnn will share you the effect of the cutting tools to improve the processing level as follows:

Cutting Tools Materials has important affect on the insert lifetime ,processing efficiency and the workpiece quality. In current times ,cutting tools materials include high speed steel , Tungsten carbide, Ceramic and Superhard materials. Different Materials have their own performance ,the application range also different.

High Speed Steel ,the earliest materials used for cutting tools ,but because its own characters ,its rate has already reduce with the development of the machinist industry, and it is used for drilling now.

Tungsten alloy, as the main cutting tools materials ,it has good strength and toughness ,and the application range widely, such as cast iron ,ferrous metal, plastic , Chemical fiber, graphite , glass ,stone and common steel materials. With the development of the modern technology ,there are more and more high hardness materials, it appear coated carbide insert ,it both improve the cutting tools performance ,but also improve the process efficiency.

Ceramic Materials Cutting Tools has higher hardness ,strength and better wear resistance than carbide insert ,it mainly used for machining high hardness alloy cast iron ,hardened steel ,high strength steel ,stainless steel and various alloy steel and other carbon steel. But ceramic insert has a disadvantage: Easily chipping, so the application range was limited.

Superhard Materials Cutting Tools include PCD insert and CBN Cutting Tools ,the advantages are that it has high hardness, wear resistance ,low Coefficient of friction,ect. So it is widely used for high hardness materials field.

PCD Cutting tools application industry include ferrous metal and non-metal materials, such as Al, Cu ect ferrous metal, stone materials and some ceramic ,plastic and rubber industry. When high speed cutting condition ,it doesn’t appear wear seriously phenomenon, also will make sure long lifetime and high surface quality.

The hardness of CBN insert is only second to pcd insert ,it not only has good performance of pcd cutting tools ,but also has better Thermal stability, main used for ferrous metal and its alloy industry, such as cast iron ,hardened steel ,wear-resistant steel and some surfacing workpiece, and in some industry, cbn cutting tools can replace carbide insert to realize turning instead of grinding.

For example, in automotive industry, cast iron workpiece are bulk produce ,many manufacturers use CNC Lathe machining the cast iron workpiece with high speed to make sure the profit. But the linear speed of the carbide insert can not above 350m/min,however the linear speed of cbn insert can arrive 1500m/min, and the lifetime can improve several times then carbide insert .


 New Materials and technology and New Craft can promote the improvement of the cutting tools performance. So in current times ,cutting tools enterprise only research new cutting tools materials to satisfy the manufacturers to make itself never fail in modern society.

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