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The effect of Different Adhesives on the Properties of Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride

PCBN(Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride) has high hardness, excellent wear resistance and good impact resistance, so become the most potential cutting tools materials only second diamond tools. And it is widely used in cast iron, hardened steel , powder metallurgical field.

In current times, cubic boron nitride is mainly divided into 2 types:
(1) Without any catalyst
(2) With Binding agent

Because the first way is required high on the equipment, so the costs will be high, it can’t be used widely. The second way is the main method of producing cubic boron nitride. It has so many kinds binding agent, and it mainly has the following 3 types:
(1) Metal Binding Agent, consist of Metal or Alloy, common one include Al, Ti, Co. They are often used for the cubic boron nitride with high content. Even this type binding agent lower the red hardness and wear resistance, however the cutting tools will be not easily chipping, and improve the tool life, is suitable for machining cast iron.
(2) Ceramic Binder, consist of nitrides, carbides, borides, silicides, oxides and carbonitrides Chemical composition, common is AlN, TiN, Al2O3 and TiC, ect. This type pcbn inserts have excellent wear resistance and thermal stability, are mainly used for machining hardened steel.
(3) Metal Ceramic Binding Agent: Consist of Ceramic, Metal and Alloy. It has both characters of Ceramic and Metal Binding Agent, and it Is widely in recently years, common one include Al-TiN/TiC, Al-TiN-B ect. Different element will have different affect for the cutting tools performance.

The composition and content of the binder play a decisive role in the performance of polycrystalline cubic boron nitride, on the one hand to promote the bonding between CBN, on the other hand to improve material properties. The metal binder enhances the toughness of the PCBN, but results in a decrease in hardness, while the ceramic binder improves abrasion resistance while reducing material life. So the cermet binder is still the focus of the current research to enhance the overall performance of PCBN. However, depending on the material application, the composition and content of PCBN should be adjusted. In the proportion of binder content should pay attention to the internal reaction between its components, when more than a certain value, the consumption patterns and the resulting phase will be different. Therefore, only strictly match the composition of the binder and the respective content according to the required performance , it can obtain excellent performance and long life PCBN.

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