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Analysis high speed cutting and corresponding cutting tools

1 The purpose and significance of high speed machining
In the process, the cutting temperature will increase with cutting speed increases within the conventional temperature, but the cutting speed increased to a certain value, the cutting temperature in the cutting area not only did not increase, and it will reduce, The analysis shows that the limit of the cutting speed is closely related to the type of workpiece material.

In recent years, high-speed cutting technology has been updated and used, and we also summed up the following characteristics:
1) Cutting force changes
In the cutting process, when the cutting speed is high, the chip will be out of the cutting area, the outflow resistant force will reduce, tool and workpiece deformation is reduced, so the cutting force will be significantly reduced, it will be more suitable for processing thin-walled Less rigid parts.
2) Hot deformation of the workpiece
In the high-speed cutting, more than 90% of the cutting heat quickly leave from the cutting area through the chip, the workpiece temperature change is small, basically keep the cooling state, will not lead to the workpieces thermal deformation due to temperature rise, more suitable Processing slender parts.
3) High precision, low roughness processing
Due to small vibration in high-speed cutting process, it can realize turning instead of grinding.

All shows that high speed cutting can improve the product efficiency, improve the product quality, reduce the production costs and increase the tool life.

2 High-speed cutting status at home and abroad
High-speed cutting in foreign development trends, decades of research and development, high-speed cutting also will increase:
1) Spindle speed change, from the initial spindle speed 6000rpm to the current spindle speed to 15000 ~ 20000rpm.
2) Cutting speed change, from 50m/min to high speed 7600m/min.
3) Cutting materials can be cut from the original only cast iron material, to the current steel, lead, copper, alloy and other non-ferrous metal materials.
4) Tool material changes, carbon tool steel, carbide and other tool materials application development. The development of high-speed cutting technology has undergone the theoretical analysis of high-speed cutting, the application of exploration, there is a certain application experience of the development stage, and now, the United States, Japan, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy production of ultra-high-speed machine has entered the processing and manufacturing market. High speed cutting also have been widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing and mold manufacturing industry.

3 High-speed cutting tool applications
It requires different cutting tools materials and the corresponding cutting methods specific for different workpiece materials when high speed cutting. The ideal cutting tool materials need to have high hardness and excellent wear resistance, and can’t react with the workpiece easily, need to have good thermal stability. Reasonable selection of the tool makes high-speed hard cutting can be used Instead of the grinding process, to achieve the workpiece surface roughness, surface finish and workpiece size accuracy of the processing requirements.
Carbide tools have good tensile strength and fracture toughness, but due to lower hardness and poor high temperature stability, its application in high-speed hard cutting is subject to certain restrictions. Therefore, high-speed cutting tool material should have the performance: hardness, bending strength, fracture toughness, heat resistance and other aspects to meet the requirements.

Ceramic alloys and CBN Tools are the most common used tools for high speed hard milling. Such as processing aluminum alloy, the artificial diamond is more suitable for high-speed cutting occasions. Processing steel and cast iron and its alloys, the ceramic cutting tool is suit for the soft materials, PCBN Inserts are more suitable for high speed cutting high hardness steel with hardness above HRC45~65. The cutting speed of PCBN Inserts can arrive 100~200m/min or higher. Other complex cutting tools, you can choose fine grain carbide and its coating tools. When machining Ti Alloy, we usually use WC Insert or PCD Tools.

4 Conclusion
High Speed Cutting already used by many different industry, and the corresponding cutting tools also be researched. Halnn, as the predecessor of the superhard cutting tools, continue researched new cbn inserts grade, such as BN-S30,BNK30 solid cbn inserts for machining gray cast iron, also have special pcbn insert grade BN-H21 for interrupt turning condition. All the tools are machined with high cutting speed.

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