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CBN Inserts for high speed cutting technology

High-speed cutting technology havs become increasingly widespread in the mechanical processing and manufacturing applications. More and more manufacturers choose high-speed cutting to replace the traditional processing technology, and for high-speed cutting, we have to select the appropriate tool and the cutting parameters to meet customer needs, it is fundamentally progressive tool material. We will share the high-speed cutting characteristics and the requirements on the superhard cutting tools.

2 The characteristics of high-speed cutting as follows:
(1) The amount of material cutting per unit time increased, cutting time shortened, cutting efficiency improved, processing costs reduced;
(2) Cutting Force reduce by 15% to 30%, is conducive to poor rigidity and thin-walled parts of the cutting process;
(3) The chips taken the heat away to reduce the heat that to the workpiece, which is benefit for the deformation of the processing parts to improve the processing accuracy;
(4) Reduce processing surface roughness.

The requirements that High-speed cutting on the workpieces, cutting tools materials and the cutting data:
(1) The cutting tools used for High-speed machining gray cast iron parts include cbn inserts, ceramic cutters, coating inserts and carbide insert.
(2) PCBN Tool is one of the most suitable cutting tools for machining ductile iron and other cast iron materials tool. And compared with ceramic cutters and carbide tools, pcbn inserts will perform with high cutting speed, high precision and long tool life. When machining gray cast iron, the cutting speed will be 1000~2000 m/min, the feed rate will be 0.15~1.0mm/r, the feed rate will be 0.15~2.5mm.

(3) The cutting data of PCBN cutting cast iron. Semi-finishing (allowance above 0.64mm), the workpiece material: pearlite gray cast iron (less than 240HB), cutting speed 450~1060m/min, feed 0.25 ~ 0.50m/min. Finishing (margin less than 0.64mm) other cutting data same as above.

(4) PCBN Insert turning gray cast iron, front angle is generally selected -5°~-7°, in order to withstand the cutting force that produced by continuous and intermittent cutting. Semi-finishing blade edge chamfering geometric angle of -20°×0.2mm, finishing blade is -20°×0.1mm. (Hardness 170-230HB), cutting speed of 460m/min, the feed rate of 0.24mm/r, feed rate will take 0.3mm, dry cutting, each PCBN Insert can be boring 2600 pieces cylinder liner hole, Rz up to 20μm.

The microstructure of the Cast iron pieces will have certain effect on the PCBN Insert, ceramic tool material. Processing of pearlite-based cast iron pieces, we can used pcbn insert with CBN content (quality) 80%~95%, cutting speed can be 500~1500mm/min, can also use ceramic, cutting speed≤1000m / min; When processing ferritic-based cast iron, we can’t use PCBN Insert
due to the reasons for the proliferation of wear and tear, we need to use ceramic cutting tools.

Therefore, through testing, Halnn CBN Insert can be used for the following processing areas
1. Processing High hardness cast iron/cast steel, such as: Roughing and Finishing High chrome cast iron, White cast iron, Ni-hard cast iron, Heat-resistant and impact resistant steel, Halnn CBN commonly used for machining rolls, pump impeller with dots and other high hardness wear resistant parts with high hardness.
2. Processing high hardness workpiece after heat treatment, such as hard turning hardened bearing steel, carburizing steel, tool steel, die steel, ect. It also can be machined with interrupted turning.
3. Other difficult to machine materials: Machining Superalloy, Powder metallurgy and others.
4. Processing common gray cast iron, High Grade Ductile iron.

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