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Halnn Solid CBN Insert Milling Ti Alloy

Titanium alloy has high specific strength, heat resistance and corrosion resistance and other excellent performance, and has been widely used in the aerospace, shipbuilding, chemical, metallurgical, petroleum, automotive, medical equipment and many other industrial areas. However, due to the low thermal conductivity of titanium alloy, low elastic modulus, high chemical activity, the cutting tools wear serious, is a kind typical difficult to process materials. In particularly, titanium alloy rough in the stamping, hot rolling, forging, heating and other molding process, easily react with the air of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen role, forming oxygen-rich, nitrogen-rich hardening layer, so that the titanium alloy blank strength increases, plasticity decreased. Therefore, the rough processing of titanium alloy is more difficult than finishing, titanium alloy cutting is the most difficult process, its processing efficiency is very low, has become related to titanium alloy products processing bottlenecks.

In the titanium alloy cutting process, roughing takes on the main margin removal work, and in the titanium alloy roughing process to remove the deeper hardening skin, tool damage is extremely serious. We have a lot of experiments to draw the following conclusions:
(1) When solid cbn inserts cutting titanium alloy, the cutting depth increases, the cutting force increases, the tool deformation increases, where the tool along the FX deformation is the largest, along the FZ deformation is the smallest, tool along the main cutting force FX direction deformation is the main factor that affect the tool deformation.
(2) When Solid CBN Inserts cutting titanium alloy, the compressive stress on the tip of the arc is the maximum, when ap> 3mm, the stress is greater than the CBN Insert compressive strength, the tip of the arc is easily chipping.

(3) When solid cbn insert cutting the titanium alloy, the strain on the cutting line is the largest. When the ap is too large, the cutting edge near the cutting line produces a large strain and the boundary wear occurs, which can cause the boundary of CBN Insert to break.

Therefore, when using the CBN tool to cut the titanium alloy, we need to use the appropriate cutting depth and the combination of professional engineers to choose the appropriate tool and the corresponding processing parameters. Valin can provide customers with the most suitable products, the corresponding processing programs and professional advice to help you solve the corresponding problem.
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