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PCD Milling Cutters


Machining Process:Both Rough Milling and Finish Milling

Machining Materials:Non-metal materials,Non-ferrous metal material and Composites Materials

Customerized: Yes

Products Induction:

(1) Specially designed superhard cutting tools have better cutting performance;

(2) The insert has long tool life, good roughness and high Cost-effective.

(3) It can be designed as the customers’ requirements.

Application Industry:

(1) Processing Materials: Aluminum alloy, Copper, Plastic wood material, Glass fiber, High silicon aluminum alloy, Cast aluminum

(2) Application Industry: Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Electronic products, ect.

PCD Inserts Catalogue

Ball PCD Milling cutter(2).jpg Contour PCD Milling cutter(2).jpg Corn PCD Milling cutter(2).jpg
Ball PCD Milling Cutter Contour PCD Milling cutter Corn PCD Milling cutter
Grooving PCD Milling Cutter(2).jpg PCD End milling Cutter(2).jpg PCD End Mills
Grooving PCD Milling Cutter  PCD End Milling Cutter PCD Tipped End Mills 

All above pcd milling cutter can be customerized, if you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact with us halnntools@gmail.com, Whatsapp:+8618695866134,skype:cbn_inserts_angels. 


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