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PCD Reamers


 PCD Diameter Reamers Features and Advantages
(1) Increased dimensional accuracy and process reliability.
(2) Less process steps which means extensive freedom from burrs.
(3) Optimal coolant delivery to the cutting edges.
(4) Ultra-long life of PCD Tools.
(5) Less tool changes which mean combination of multiple operations in one tool deliver savings on machine costs. Tool cost can be reduced by up to 50%.

PCD Diameter Reamers Application
(1) Automotive cylinder head
(2) Automotive hydraulic parts: AT valve body, regulator valve body
(3) Steering spool, transmission housing
(4) Other aluminum alloy parts (casting)
(5) Ceramic containing composite materials such as MMC

PCD Diameter Reamer Suited Materials
(1) Al, Mg, Si, Ti non-ferrous metal and so on,
(2) Fiber materials, Insulation materials, Plastics, Composite materials and so on.

We can make Customized PCD Reamers, the following are common types as for reference:

PCD Reamers-1.jpg
PCD Reamers-2.jpg
PCD Reamers-3.jpg
PCD Reamers-4.jpg
PCD Reamers-5.jpg
PCD Reamers-6.jpg

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