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PCD Drill


 The Features of PCD Drill:
(1) High hardness and Excellent wear resistance,
(2) High precision, high conductivity and strong toughness
(3) High working efficiency, low tool cost,
(4) Obtain high surface roughness
(5) Halnn PCD Drill has Stable performance and Long tool life,

Application Industry of PCD Drill
(1) 3C (Computer, Communication and Consumer Electronic)
(2) Automotive Industry
(3) Aerospace Industry

PCD Drill Suited Materials
(1) Al, Mg, Si, Ti non-ferrous metal and so on,
(2) Fiber materials, Insulation materials, Plastics, Composite materials and so on.

We can make customized pcd drill for you, the following is some types pcd drill for your reference:

PCD Step Drill.jpg PCD Straight Drill.jpg
 PCD Step Drill  PCD Straight Drill
PCD Twist Drill-1.jpg PCD Twist Drill-2.jpg
 PCD Twist Drill  PCD Twist Drill 

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